Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is AsmaKart?

AsmaKart is a multi-seller e-commerce platform for buying/selling digital downloadable products. To know more about us, visit About Us page.

How can I contact AsmaKart?

You can contact us via or you can post your queries via Contact Us page.

What payment methods can I use?

Currently, we support direct bank transfer via bank account only. But, we will add more payment options in future, so, stay tune.

I live outside Pakistan, How can I pay via direct bank transfer?

Our IBFT bank account details will be provided to you when you make a purchase, if your bank account is enabled with international money transfer then you can use our account details to transfer your payment. If your account is not enabled with international money transfer then visit your bank for details.

Seller is asking me to transfer payment in his personal account, What shall I do?

If any seller from whom you have purchased a product, asks you to make payment directly into their personal bank account, then do not make any such payments into anyone’s personal bank account because we do not account any such purchases and we will not be responsible for your loss. Your order will be send to you only after your payment is being verified & cleared by our team within 10 business working days into the bank account whose details are provided to you when you have placed your order and via email notification.

When will I get my order?

Your order will be delivered to you after our team verify your payment via direct bank transfer into our provided bank account within 10 business working days?

What happens to my order if I do not make payment?

Your order will automatically cancel after 2 business working days if you do not make payment for your purchase within 2 business working days into our provided direct bank account.

How long will payment verification process take via direct bank transfer?

Payment verification process will take 5-10 business working days if you choose direct bank transfer payment method.

How can I cancel my order?

You can not cancel your order, since we are selling digital downloadable products. However, if you choose payment via direct bank transfer payment method then your order will automatically cancel after 2 business working days if you have not made any payment for your purchase within 2 business working days.

Can I refund my purchase?

No, you can not refund your purchase as you have already agreed to our refund policy by accepting our terms & conditions when you place your order i.e.

Refund & Return Policy

Providers offer digital downloadable products that can be downloaded instantly after payment has been successfully made and verified by our team. There is no “trial” or “grace period” after the purchasing of any product which means all sales are final. Once you have purchased the product, you can not “return” it.

I live outside Pakistan, How can I become a seller at AsmaKart?

We appreciate your interest in joining AsmaKart, but at the moment, we accept seller applications from Pakistan only. But, we are looking into options to extend our platform globally, so, stay tune.

What are registration charges?

There is no registration charges. You can create seller account free of any cost.

What are account maintenance charges?

There is no account maintenance charges.

How much commission will I receive for my product sale?

Contact for details.

How can I make early payout disbursement request?

Contact for details.

Are you offering any special services for sellers?

Contact for details.

Will AsmaKart pay taxes on behalf of sellers business at AsmaKart?

No, you are responsible to pay your business or any other tax related to any sale or product according to your country’s tax laws.

How can I change my Bank Account details?

Contact for details.